5 Mistakes That Kill Good Start-Up Ideas

/  April 20, 2016

Nowadays, brilliant minds refuse to work as employees and choose the path of an ‘employer’ instead. After all, why should you waste your wisdom for someone else’s credit, when you can build an empire of your own? It’s said that when it comes to business “you should think big”, but even if you have the best idea to start a venture, it alone is not enough. To create a perfect recipe that helps you succeed, here’s a list of things that you should negate, because they play a pivotal role in bringing down the best start-up ideas.

Focusing on the minority
A lot of entrepreneurs target the minority and aim to solve its problems. A start-up will be a successful one only if everybody relates to it in general. This means that it should aspire to make life easier in a universal manner, and not only for the selected few with similar minds.

Wrong choice of location

There are some cities where startups just prosper like anything, and the real reason is- that’s where the experts are. If you choose a remote location, chances are you won’t find the right minds to join your team and execute your vision. Resources matter, and so does exposure.

Lack of commitment
Successful entrepreneurs have only one common thing to say when it comes to their success stories-“We never gave up.” No matter how many hurdles and adversities come your way, which is definite that they will, you’ve got to stay committed to your vision and execute it with other focused and dedicated minds at the backend.

Untimely launching

When procrastination leads to piles of excuses for delay in launch or unfinished work leads to futile results, chances are you may damage your reputation. Slowness in launching, or launching too early-both may make the users lose interest, and they may never come back to you.

When profit overrides users

When you enter the business community, you’ll notice that startups which consider their users to be of prime importance win. Creating the solution to a user’s problem is ten times more difficult than figuring out ways to profit from your business model. Ventures like Google and Facebook first focused on creating a solution to the user’s problems and later worked on ways to gain profit. Focusing on your product is more important than focusing on the money it’s going to give you, because when you create something unbeatable, its value will automatically shoot up.

The idea is to create what the users want, and fully dedicate yourself in executing your vision. Half-hearted attempts lead to wrong decisions and disappointing outcomes. So choose the right team, choose the right back-up, but most importantly, choose the right problem.

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