5 Common Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

/  April 20, 2016

We know how tough handling a business can be, especially when there are so many little details that have to be taken care of apart from the evident ones. Since you get tangled in the everyday demands of your firm, there are a lot of minute areas you might be messing up in. To help you overcome these loopholes, we have listed below the 5 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make that go unnoticed.

Setting the wrong target
Is your target anybody and everybody who’s interested in purchasing a product? We’re on the same page then. The first mistake business owners make is to target “anybody with a pulse”. For marketing your product, you should primarily focus on people whose needs it fulfills, because even if anybody can buy your product, not everybody will have the money or interest to actually purchase it. You don’t want to end up targeting no one, do you?

Hitting the wrong places:

Just because your product suits most people, it doesn’t mean everybody will be interested in buying it. So why waste time in door to door calling, when the same should be utilized in increasing sales? Target the market which will benefit your product sales in the right way, and not anybody who seems approachable.

Wasting time on inappropriate clients:
Most of us believe that the more people we target, they more it will benefit us. Wrong. The more appropriate people you target, greater will your fortune become. When you spend time on convincing the wrong clients to be a part of your scheme, not only do you invite trouble, but you also waste a good amount of time which could be invested in better tasks which could actually benefit your business.

Choosing the wrong platform:

This implies that you choose an inappropriate platform to communicate with your clients which not only causes misunderstanding on both sides, but also sends across the wrong message. You need a platform that helps you shake hands with the perfect client for a perfect deal, where the interests of both sides are taken care of and well communicated.

Investing money in wrong domains:

This is one blunder which when avoided, can benefit your firm immensely. Most entrepreneurs spend a hefty sum of money in promoting their product via advertisements etc. rather than investing it in enhancing product efficiency. They need a platform where business handshake takes place with low marketing cost as input and high sales efficiency as output.

Making business more about profit and less about investments.

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